The most common form of air quality monitoring is ambient air monitoring. Ambient air monitoring involves the measurement of “representative” air in urban, industrial and rural areas. These measurements are used to determine the human exposure to pollutants and can be combined with trace/background monitoring as well as stack monitoring to assess an organisation’s contribution to pollution, and the effect this has compared to natural levels



Our experience integrating a wide range of particulate monitors ensures you receive a solution that works. Our preferred solution is the Ecotech Spirant BAM offering a high level of performance and international approvals for PM10 and PM2.5 monitoring



The Ecotech Serinus brand of analysers are used for the monitoring of O3, CO, CO2, NOx, NH3, SO2, TRS, and TS in ambient air.

The Serinus analysers have been designed using the experience and knowledge gained from operating large air quality monitoring networks. The result is precise instruments which integrate seamlessly



Meteorological sensors used in our systems are sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers. We choose the highest quality sensors to ensure trouble free operation



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