Our Partners

We are representing the following companies

HACH–LANGE – Germany

 PH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Silica, Sodium, TOC…..Analyzers

ECOTECH – Australia

Gas Analyzer & dust measurement in ambient air, Visibility Monitoring - Meteorological systems

LINDE GAS - Germany

Test Gas Cylinders

Dr. Thiedig - Germany

sampling and trace liquid analysis.

MBA Instruments

Germany – Level switch/measurement

SIKA – Germany

 Temperature, flow and pressure instruments

Eletta – Sweden

 Flow Monitors

AVITEQ – Germany

formerly AEG Vibrationstechnik – unbalanced motors, magentic vibrators, vibration technology


Gas Sampling and Gas Conditioning for Gas analyzer

Applied Analytics

Process Analysis Instruments

VA-Engineering GmbH

Valves & Actuators

Where Flows of liquid, Vaporous or gaseous media have to be controlled or shut off

SKI - GmbH

Industrial flow measurement technology

Multisensor Systems

Developer and supplier of Water and Air Monitoring instruments specialising in oil in water, hydrocarbon analysers, oil in water detectors, THM Monitors and Ammonia Monitors

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