Our Partners

We are representing the following companies

SICK AG - Germany

For Dust Monitors and Gas Analysis Systems, Ultrasonic Flowmeters for Natural Gas


HACH–LANGE – Germany

 PH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Silica, Sodium, TOC…..Analyzers

ECOTECH – Australia

Gas Analyzer & dust measurement in ambient air, Visibility Monitoring - Meteorological systems

LINDE GAS - Germany

Test Gas Cylinders

Dr. Thiedig - Germany

sampling and trace liquid analysis.

MBA Instruments

Germany – Level switch/measurement

SIKA – Germany

 Temperature, flow and pressure instruments

Eletta – Sweden

 Flow Monitors

AVITEQ – Germany

formerly AEG Vibrationstechnik – unbalanced motors, magentic vibrators, vibration technology


Gas Sampling and Gas Conditioning for Gas analyzer

Applied Analytics

Process Analysis Instruments

VA-Engineering GmbH

Valves & Actuators

Where Flows of liquid, Vaporous or gaseous media have to be controlled or shut off

SKI - GmbH

Industrial flow measurement technology

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