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HAK Automation is a leading solution provider in Process Automation, Gas Analysis, Liquid Analysis, Environment Monitoring, Flow and Process Instrumentation.
For more than 50 years, HAK Automation is a leading system integrator for Gas Analyzer Systems and other automation system solutions for all industries. As a specialized system integrator and service provider we cover various industries like Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemicals, Cement, Power, Fertilizer, Metal & Steel etc.
HAK automation activities covering Studying, designing, delivering, engineering, installation, commissioning and start-up for all measuring and control instruments/systems. The outstanding location of Egypt allows us to cover different markets / countries from our end. HAK Automation was able to deliver not only products but also competence for customers from Egypt to Iraq and south to Zambia and Nigeria.


  1. Our company has been established in 1962 under the name of MELECTRA Engineers. We started with 5 persons as sales and after sales services (mainly repairs) for instruments delivered through us from various German/European Suppliers.
  2. We started as Exclusive Agent of Messrs. Hartmann & Braun AG - Germany in 1967
  3. After that we increased the range of companies we represent in the field  of measuring and control
  4. In 1992 as the two sons of the owner of the company  (Mr. Aly Radwan) joint the company the name is HAK Measurement & Automation
  5. During the last years we changed the structure of our company from a private family business into Joint Stock Company. The company name subsequently changed to be HAK Automation S.A.E under the leadership our company Chairman Eng. Hazem Radwan
  6. For more than 40 years, we became market leader in Gas Analysis field as we represented all major manufacturers like Hartmann & Braun (Now ABB), Siemens and currently SICK.
  7. In 1996, we signed a representation agreement with SICK Germany and during the last 20 years, we become market leader in Emission Monitoring Field with hundreds of installation of CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems) including Gas Analyzers, Dust Monitors and Flow Monitors for all Industrial Emissions.
  8. HAK Automation is now a leading solutions provider in Process Analytics, Gas Analysis, Liquid Analysis, Environment and Emission Monitoring, Flow and Process Instrumentation. As a specialized system integrator and service provider we cover various industries like Cement, Metal & Steel, Oil & Gas, Power, Fertilizer, Chemicals & Petrochemicals etc.


Message from Chairman:


“You can be assured that you are receiving the highest standard of measuring & control systems to lead your business”


For the last 50 years, we were and we are still the reliable industry partner when it comes to measuring & control field. We are constantly working towards delivering the highest quality instruments with our unique system integration solutions followed by the best after sales services activities.

We believe in a positive forward thinking, innovation and a constant work to achieve. We rely on our in-depth knowledge, our experience in instrumentation and the ability to forecast and respond to customer expectations, which is leading us to high levels of customer satisfaction.


Eng. Hazem Radwan

CEO - HAK Automation S.A.E

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