HAK Automation is a competence center for their partners in the heart of MEA region and our main concern is being close to our customers and providing them with the best quality of services during different phase from the installation, commissioning, calibration of equipment till long term after sales services which proudly keeps our systems / products over years working in the same original condition when it was installed;

- Gravimetric Calibration / Isokinetic Sampling:

With our GRAVIMAT SCH500, we make Isokinetic Sampling and Gravimetric Calibration for all dust monitors supplied by us. The goal of the calibration is to get a relationship between the signal of the dust analyzer and the

dust content in the flue gas. Calibration in terms of dust density measurement by mg/m3 has to be done by an isokinnetic sampling device (Gravimetrical Calibration).

Depends on the agreement with our customers, we can do annual calibrations for their dust monitors or at the event of changing any of the plant process parameters.

- Installations, Commissioning and Maintenance Agreements:

Our highly trained service engineers are working 24/7 serving different customers in Egypt, Iraq and different other African countries. Not only during installation and commissioning phase, but also we provide long term maintenance agreement for our interested customers.

- Repair of Gas analyzers and Dust Monitors:

In our state of art workshop, we are repairing all brands of gas analyzers for our customers. Whatever the brand (SICK, Hartmann & Braun (ABB), Siemens) our customer are relying on HAK Automation and considering us as their long term partner for repairing any of these Brands gas analyzers.

-  ONE STOP for quick delivery of gas analyzer spares:

As we are system builder for gas analyzer systems, we stock all kind of consumables and common spares for quick and effective repair of gas analyzer systems or units. From Ceramic filters, Solenoid Valves, Gas Coolers to even complete analyzer unit for measuring standard component like CO & O2, we keep stock for our customers who are facing any emergency with their Gas Analyzer Systems.



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