Control Valves

Actuated by electric or pneumatic actuators.
The range of valves we can offer you starts with single seat globe valves to multi-stage feedwater control valves, steam reducing valves or injection coolers up to high-pressure converting stations for live steam. The mechanical units made of valves and actuators are usually mounted as a force-locked unit and ready for direct installation into the pipeline.

Globe -, Angle -, 3 Way Control Valves
DN 15 ... 600
PN 16 ... 160

Durchgangsventil Eckventil Dreiwegeventil
Example Globe Valve Example Angle Valve Example 3 - Way Valve E


Injection – Feedwater Control Valves
In various designs
DN 25 ... 350
PN according to strength layout

Einspritz Regelventil Speisewasser Regelventil
Example Injection Control Valve Example Feedwater – Control Valve


Steam Reducing Valves – Steam Converting Valves,
Desuperheater Control Valves

Designs according to customers requirements
DN 25 ... 800
PN according to strength layout

Dampfreduzierventil Dampf Umformventil Einspritzkuehler
Example Steam Reducing Valves

Example Steam Converting Valves

Example Desuperheater


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