Metal & Steel Industries

Sensing solutions for optimal metal and steel processes 

Intelligent sensors are needed at many points in the production, processing, transport, and storage of metals and their raw materials. They ensure efficient and safe production and trouble-free processing. SICK’s knowledgeable experts possess skills and expertise in a variety of fields: positioning of cranes, monitoring machine parts and materials, measuring material flow and level in silos and on conveyor belts, monitoring values for process control and securing dangerous areas. These are just a few of the wide range of applications that are solved using SICK sensors.

Analyzing and optical measurement technologies are necessary in the production, process, transport and storage of steel and other metals. They ensure efficient and safe production, high product quality and trouble-free processing.

SICK, with its long-standing presence in the metal and steel industries, has gained competence and know-how in applications requiring in-situ and extractive measuring methods solutions. SICK has gained excellent experience to provide optimal solutions for most measuring applications in the metal and steel industries.imgBodi


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