The power industry faces a number of challenges when generating electricity. In every plant, the efficient use of fuel and protection of assets are of utmost importance to insure optimum profitability. Emission monitoring and pollution control are requirements in nearly every country.

SICK is an ideal partner for the power industry. Its broad range of intelligent sensors and solutions has proven its applicability in all areas of the power generation process, from material flow to pollution control to emissions monitoring – all from a single source.

SICK analyzing systems provide continuous monitoring of power plant processes. Using SICK measuring techniques, concentrations of the gas components and dust as well as the volume flow can be monitored at various points in the plant. Thereby, variations in the process can be easily identified and optimized

The Water Analysis Experts for Power Generation

With more than 60 years as the leading expert in water quality analysis, you can trust Hach’s knowledge able and responsive support team to address your unique needs for water and steam applications throughout your entire process.


Hach provides laboratory, online, portable, and service solutions for routine and challenging Power Plant applications. Hach has the most comprehensive coverage of ultrapure, pure, and non-pure water parameters and the breadth of product solutions



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